Top Essential Residential Locksmith Services For Senior-Friendly Home

Seniors are the most numerous patients in the American health market – which means that at least 1 senior out of 3 needs healthy care and hospital treatment. Growing old is actually a challenge due to certain physical conditions that don’t allow the patient to walk anymore or to do the simplest actions in their everyday routine.

A prompt health care and medical treatment may help a lot, however, once the hospital treatment is over it’s time to get back home. At home old patients tend to experience a sense of solitude and of depression, mostly because they see that their own place is no more as friendly as it used to be before of the hospital process.

How To Make A Home Seriously Senior-Friendly

So, it’s time to think about some changes to the home. Even though old people are not very likely to go through important changes, at some point, it’s unavoidable to rethink the space inside the home.

  • Kitchen: you can make your cabinets and pantry easier to access for seniors who have difficulty to move arms or legs
  • Bathroom: a handheld adjustable shower head is essential. You can also buy a bathtub seat for more comfort. Toilet seat risers are also a good helping tool to buy
  • Bedroom: consider also to buy a more comfortable bed with memoryfoam pillow and shorter bed legs to allow the senior to seat and lie on the bed in a smarter way
  • Windows and doors: it’s important to allow seniors who are back from a health center/hospital to be able to lock and unlock their door in a comfortable way. Residential locksmiths are the perfect professional to call for more information about the latest door systems and locks for homes.

Residential Locksmiths Pros Services

Actually, the locksmith industry is making important steps forwards, resulting in more complex door systems and effective security door locks. Seniors who live alone in their home should take special care of their security conditions: in fact, they might be easily become the next victims of a home burglar.

In order to avoid such dramatically shocking situations, Locksmiths Pros offers a list of residential locksmith services to upgrade the home’s safety level:

  • Innovative windows and door locks
  • Touchpad door system
  • Advanced security alarms
  • Replacement of old door locks with brand new locks

Residential Services And Professional Ethic At Locksmiths Pros

Locksmiths Pros is a very appreciated locksmith company in the US for several reasons. First of all, because each single customer is offered a high-quality range of specialized locksmith services in all categories (residential, automotive, commercial, emergency).

Another reason is that the team of Locksmiths Pros is made of serious and certified professionals. In fact, only ALOA licensed and fully trained professionals are hired in the large team of Locksmiths Pros.

Moreover, Locksmiths Pros is always ready to help 24/7, no matter where you are in the States or what time it is when you make your emergency call: you can always count on a prompt help by a nearest local locksmiths from Locksmiths Pros.

Improving Your Health – Some Considerations

The South End Community Health Center is a board governed There is a reason veggies symbolize healthnon-profit, comprehensive health care organization for all residents of the South End and the surrounding communities. We are committed to providing the highest quality, culturally and linguistically sensitive, coordinated health care and social services to every patient, regardless of their ability to pay. In this short article, we will focus on some general health tips in general, but also see how gambling affects the overall health.

Some General Health Advice

Now, when it comes to some general health advice, things are simple – follow these guidelines in order to achieve maximum health benefits:

  • There is a reason food pyramid exists. Eat your fruits, veggies and whole grain. Eat eggs, fish and lean meats; limit the intake of red meats. Completely eliminate fast/junk food and reduce processed food to a minimum.
  • Do your annual checkups. These checkups include different tests for men and women, and they may be differentiated at how old you are. Always listen to your doctor; never seek help for a medical issue online.
  • Be physically active. Regardless of your obligations, being physically active at least half an hour a day is paramount to your health. Also, try to sit as little as possible.

Health Concerns of GamblingPhysical fitness is associated with a whole range of physical benefits

Participation in gambling decreased from 2008 to 2014. In particular, participation in gaming machines declined from 21.46 per cent to 16.74 per cent. Participation in sports betting increased from 3.96 per cent to 4.82 per cent, with online now the most common way to bet on sports. There was a significant increase in sports betting.

Many factors can contribute to a gambling addiction, including desperation for money, the desire to experience thrills and highs, the social status associated with being a successful gambler, and the entertaining atmosphere of the mainstream gambling scene. However, we must not forget that gambling causes different sorts of health effects, both positive and negative. We will discuss both in the paragraphs below.

Many gambling facilities include places for people to smoke, as there is such a strong correlation between smoking and gambling. Habits can be challenging to change, but becoming aware is the first step. One of the reasons so many gamblers smoke is the innate connection one makes when entering a casino. A casino is a place of glamour, and glamurous people smoke and drink. If you’re in a gambling venue, resist the lure.

For the working class, gambling can make them There are pros and cons to gamblingrelax from a hard day’s work. If a tired person is relaxed, he is able to think and do well. For couples, it is an alternative way to bond together without the kids. It can take their mind off the pressures that they have.

Now, how can you be certain that gambling is problematic? The key word here is ‘moderation’. Like everything, gambling is extremely dangerous when done in excess. Problem gambling leads to anxiety, depression, loss of assents and issues in family life. However, gambling, done in moderation, reduces stress, acts as a social glue and allows people to bond.

Do you need to be in a physical casino to reap all the benefits? It really depends just how much you appreciate the casino decor and interior. Cnsidering most casinos are designed in such a way to motivate people to gamble more, you’re better off finding an online casino lobby and simply enjoying yourself there. You reap all the benefits without added risk – it is a win-win situation.

Kids’ Hats & Mittens Drive

Kids' Hats & Mittens Drive

Dental Assistant (Bi-Lingual in Spanish)

Under the supervision of a Massachusetts licensed dentist, provides a range of clinical, administrative, and staff support to a full-range dental services operation.  Assists in the performance of dental and radiography procedures; prepares and maintains dental equipment and supplies in accordance with established protocol, procedures, policies, and standards, and assists in the coordination of day-to-day patient administration, records, management, and office support activities.

Qualifications High school or equivalent experience, Certified Dental Assistant/Radiology Certificate, Minimum 1 year Dental experience. Experience with dental software a plus. Bilingual in English and Spanish required.

Please direct cover letter, CV, and inquiries to the either of the following with the job title in subject line;


Fax: (617) 425-2081

Mail: South End Community Health Center, 1601 Washington Street, Boston, MA 02118

CBFS Rehabilitative Specialist

Our Rehab Specialists have direct client care responsibilities and can manage a caseload of approximately twelve clients. Rehab Specialists conduct assessments of clients’ needs and rehabilitative case management. Rehab Specialists also develop Individualized Action Plans (IAP), and write progress notes, enter data, and review client progress.

Qualifications: Bachelor’s Degree in Social Services, Human Services or related field preferred. Must be able to meet deadlines. Strong writing and documentation skills required. Experience in developing and writing treatment plans and developing documentation according to Medicaid Rehab Options a plus. Strong computer and coordinating skills.

Please direct cover letter, CV, and inquiries to the either of the following with the job title in subject line;


Fax: (617) 425-2081

Mail: South End Community Health Center, 1601 Washington Street, Boston, MA 02118

The Dr. Gerald Hass Fund for Children

Boy Brushing His Teeth

Support the Dr. Gerald Hass Fund for Children!

We are honored to launch the Dr. Gerald Hass Fund for Children to continue the life-long work of our beloved pediatrician and friend to thousands of our underserved and poor children, Dr. Gerald Hass. Funds raised will directly support the exceptional medical, dental and behavioral health services offered by the South End Community Health Center.

ZocDoc is Helping Patients Find Doctors and Book Appointments Online

ZOCDOC LOGOZocDoc arrives in the Las Vegas area today, helping residents and visitors alike effortlessly secure faster access to local medical care. ZocDoc is a free service that allows patients to find a doctor nearby who accepts their insurance, view the doctor’s real-time availability, and instantly book an appointment online. The typical ZocDoc patient sees a doctor in 24 to 72 hours – a vast improvement from the weeks-long wait time average that Las Vegas patients currently experience.

At present, patients can use ZocDoc to book appointments with participating Las Vegas primary care doctors, obstetrician-gynecologists, and eye doctors. Other specialists, including dentists, dermatologists and many more will soon be added to the service.

To use this free tool, patients simply visit the ZocDoc website ( or the free ZocDoc mobile app (iPhone, Android, and Blackberry) and enter their location, insurance, and the type of doctor they would like to see. ZocDoc then shows local doctors’ real-time availability, qualifications, and verified patient reviews to help patients choose the Las Vegas physician who best fits their needs. Patients then select an available appointment time and complete a brief confirmation process. With ZocDoc, patients can book anytime, anywhere – whether the doctor’s office is open or closed.

ZocDoc helps Las Vegas patients get faster care by revealing a hidden supply of doctor appointments (including many last-minute cancellations) and making them instantly available online. This transparency reduces patients’ long wait times and increases efficiency for local medical practices – a vital service given the country’s current doctor shortage, which only stands to become worse with 32 million new patients entering the system under the Affordable Care Act.

“Many patients and doctors in the Las Vegas area are reporting a six month wait to see primary care doctors for a routine check-up, and they’re reporting even longer wait times for more serious matters,” said ZocDoc founder and CEO Cyrus Massoumi. “We look forward to making that wait dramatically shorter and helping local residents secure fast access to the quality care they need and deserve.”

In the coming months, Las Vegas patients will also be able to use ZocDoc Check-In – the #1 most requested new feature to date by patients using ZocDoc. After booking an appointment, ZocDoc Check-In allows patients to fill out their medical forms online, at their convenience, prior to their visit. ZocDoc securely saves this information and will pre-fill forms when a patient books with a participating ZocDoc physician again in the future.

ZocDoc currently offers appointments with healthcare providers in 33 major metropolitan markets across the US, including Atlanta, Austin, Baltimore, Boston, Chicago, Dallas, Ft. Lauderdale, Fort Myers, Fort Worth, Denver, Detroit, Houston, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Miami, Long Island, New York City, Northern New Jersey, Northern Virginia, Orange County, Orlando, Philadelphia, Phoenix, Portland, San Diego, San Gabriel Valley, San Jose, San Fernando Valley, San Francisco, Seattle, Tampa Bay, Washington, DC, and West Palm Beach. ZocDoc is available in over 1,500 US cities, and covers over 40 percent of the US population.

ZocDoc also offers a Spanish-language version of its free service called ZocDoc en Espanol (; iPhone and Android) that helps Hispanic patients effortlessly find Spanish-speaking doctors and book appointments with them.

To learn more about ZocDoc, please visit the ZocDoc press room. Follow the latest ZocDoc news on the ZocDoc blog, via Twitter, or on Facebook.