Immigration Physicals/Civil Surgeon

Immigration Physicals/Civil Surgeon

South End Community Health Center (SECHC) offers United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) physicals by our USCIS-designated Civil Surgeon, Dr. Glennon O’Grady.

The immigration physical involves a complete review of your medical history, a physical examination, and review of your laboratory results. Generally the process takes 2-3 visits. You will be tested for communicable diseases such as tuberculosis, syphilis and gonorrhea. Your vaccination/immunization records will also be reviewed for completeness. You may require vaccinations/immunizations or additional laboratory testing.

Your first visit will be with a nurse. Your medical history will be reviewed, communicable disease testing initiated, and immunization/vaccination status updated. Your second appointment, generally 2 to 3 days later, includes a review of your laboratory and testing results, physical examination, and patient interview with our Civil Surgeon. Additional appointments may be needed based on your laboratory work and physical examination.

To schedule an immigration physical, please call 617-425-2000.

Please bring the following documents to your initial appointment:

Form I-693. Please complete ONLY Parts 1, 2, and 3 (if an interpreter is needed). DO NOT SIGN Form I-693 prior to your appointment.

– Valid government issued photo I.D. (i.e. unexpired passport or driver’s license)

– If an applicant is 14 years old or younger, identification, such as a birth certificate, that shows name and place of birth and parent’s full name, Please translate any foreign birth certificates to English or bring an affidavit

– Insurance card (if covered)

– Any vaccination and immunization records

– Any medical paperwork, including blood or lab work done within 30 days of your examination date

– If necessary, please bring a friend that speaks your language as well as English.

For additional information about immigration physicals at SECHC, please call 617-425-2030