WIN Childhood Obesity

WIN: Weight Initiative Now

WIN offers weight management services for children, including nutritional counseling, physical activity resources, and social support to families of the community.

The History of WIN

In 2003, the South End Community Health Center developed a pediatric weight management program in partnership with Boston Children’s Hospital’s Fitness In the City program to combat the national youth obesity epidemic. Since then, the WIN program at SECHC has served more than 600 overweight and obese youth in the South End and nearby communities.

What does WIN do?

WIN is a multi-disciplinary intervention program for pediatric patients of the South End Community Health Center. The program is comprised of four parts:

  1. A brief parent phone survey to enroll the child in the program, assessing current nutrition, activity, screen time, and sleep habits.
  2. A scheduled appointment with the nutritionist for weight and nutrition assessment,
    evaluation, and counseling.
  3. Case management to help families enroll in community-based physical activity and nutrition afterschool programs, summer camps, clubs, and events.
  4. Follow-up surveys at 12 weeks and 6 months, to measure your child’s progress.

How do I enroll my child?

WIN services are only available to patients of the South End Community Health Center. If you have a child who is overweight or obese, and you’d like to be seen by one of our pediatricians, please call the health center to make an appointment. At your appointment, tell your doctor you’re interested in the WIN Program, and they will refer you to us.

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